Synthetic Tokens

Everyday, new concepts and protocols are introduced to Crypto World. Today, we are going to mainly to talk about Synthetic Assets and Tokens. Let’s firstly, look at what are Synthetic Assets. Basically, they are financial instruments that simulate or imitate other instruments while changing key characteristics. For example, here might be a Synthetic Asset relying […]


Web3 is the new era of the internet. Centralized Network has a great influence on the development of Web2. However, web2 is not enough to own what we have on the internet. Here is Web3 for solving this problem. Let’s see how the Internet is evaluated: Web1: For the very first time, in about 1991, […]

Crypto Rug Pulls

One of the biggest dangers in crypto investment is rug pulls. In the last years crypto assets worth of billions of USD was lost by investors due to rug pulls. In this article I will explain what is rug pull, how it is executed by crypto scammers and how to avoid them. What is a […]