What is Hodling?

“Hodling” definition is considered to be an encouragement to other crypto investors not to sell when prices fall and wait for a longer time. It refers to “buy-and-hold” strategy. “Buy-and-hold” investors hold their assets for an extended period of time to profit from the long-term value appreciation. In contrast to this, traders are more active in transactions and seek returns by buying at low prices and selling at high prices.

Cryptocurrencies provide great opportunities for traders to build up long and short positions frequently. However, “hodling” can provide more safety to investors, as investors are not exposed to short-term volatility and can avoid the risk of buying high but selling low.

The table below provides an overview of the best crypto for long-term investment (hodling) in 2022-2023:

  • FightOut – Overall Best Long Term Crypto with M2E Fitness App and Real-World Gyms
  • Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Intelligence and Analytics Platform in Final Presale Stage
  • RobotEra – Top P2E and Metaverse Crypto in Newly Launched Presale
  • The Uncharted  – An NFT Project Powered by Xeta and Successful High-Frequency Trading
  • Tamadoge – Highly Promising Token That’s Already Generated Huge Returns
  • Battle Infinity – Top Metaverse Cryptocurrency to Buy
  • Lucky Block – NFT Crypto for Long-Term Holding
  • Ethereum – Best Crypto to HODL in 2023
  • Polygon (MATIC) – Top Crypto for Long-Term Growth
  • Decentraland – Popular Metaverse Coin to Invest in
  • Bitcoin – Largest Cryptocurrency to HODL for the Long-Term
  • Solana – Top Crypto with Fast Transaction Speeds
  • XRP – Instant Cross-Border Payment Settlement System

At the moment:

  • 5931 tokens ($7,050,475) of [WETH] Wrapped Ether is being hold by “Jump Trading: 0x950”
  • 1,786,621 tokens ($24,774) of [TAMA] Tamadoge is being hold by “Nate Rivers”
  • 1,717,022 tokens ($384) of [LBlock]LuckyBlock is being hold by “Smart Dex Trader”
  • 381,026 tokens ($311,106) of [WMATICpo] MATIC is being hold by “Jump Trading: 0xf8a”
  • 6,577,564 tokens ($2,182,817) of Decentraland MANA is being hold by “Genesis Trading: OTC Desk”
  • 9,956,151 tokens ($3,514,193) of [WXRP] Wrapped XRP is being hold by “Alameda Research: Wallet”

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